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Terraced systems - WPC "Winfloor" are designed to make your life more comfortable and safer. If you live in a country house, then the presence of a terrace is not just a tribute to fashion, it is a real life necessity. Terrace - this is an excellent solution for creating a comfortable area near your home. A beautiful practical and reliable terrace will allow you to fully enjoy the comfort of suburban life, provide a wonderful designer addition to your home, and fill the living space with functionality.

So on the terrace you can organize a cozy corner for family leisure. If you have a summer pool, then the presence of a terrace around it will not only beautify but also allow you to secure the movement of you or your children by eliminating the possibility of slipping.

The specificity of terraced systems - WINFLOOR

High-quality European terraced systems made of wood-polymer composite have several advantages:

  • environmental friendliness
  • Reliability
  • durability
  • easy installation
  • resistance to burnout
  • fire safety

On the pages of our online store you can independently complete and arrange the necessary terrace system, but if you have any difficulties, do not hesitate to call our managers or leave a request for a call back. our specialists in terraced systems will help you to select competently and professionally all the accessories for your terrace, so that all the elements are sufficient and you do not overpay for unused materials.

High-quality terraced systems "Winfloor" allow you to create terraces of any complexity, and configurations. You only need to figure out the type of surface and the series of the terrace system, everything else we will do! Order your favorite terrace system and it will be in the very shortest time!

We also offer you also such PDK systems as facades and fences, for all products the manufacturer gives a guarantee of 15 years! We will be glad to see you as our customers, we look forward to a long and fruitful cooperation!

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