Facade systems

Facade systems WPC - "Winfloor" is a unique solution for facing facades of buildings of any purpose and design. Today, in the building materials market, there is a huge amount of materials for creating beautiful and technological facades, and along with materials standards, ventilated facade systems of the WPC occupy not a small part of the market.

What is the peculiarity of facades made of wood-polymer composites?

  • eco logicality
  • high strength
  • attractive appearance
  • durability
  • resistance to external influences
  • ease of installation
  • Do not accumulate moisture
  • do not require special care
  • Affordable price

The use of wall panels PDK - "Winfloor" allows you to reliably protect the walls of your house, create a unique appearance, provide an improvement in insulation noise to 30%. It should be noted that the installation of façade systems of a hinged type from a polymeric wood composite with the presence of "right hands" is not difficult. But we still recommend you to use the services of professionals in the installation of facade systems.

The installation of ventilated hinged facades can be carried out either after the house is fully commissioned or during construction. It should be noted that the use of facade systems will help in the shortest possible time to transform the appearance of any building, installation can be made in any weather at any temperatures, which distinguishes the facade systems of WPC from standard plaster facades.

You can buy façade systems on our website, if you need help in selecting the necessary elements, our managers will be happy to help you in the formation of the order. The price for finishing the facade with the use of DPC systems may be higher than, for example, the price of the facade with the use of plaster mixtures and paints, but do not forget that the warranty period of operation of WPC systems is 15 years! And the paint needs to be updated in a few years, so if you add up the cost to the facade, it turns out that the facade systems of the WPC - "Winfloor" in the end result will be even cheaper!

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