To receive the product you purchased, you can use several shipping methods.

Delivery by postal services

We can send your goods to any of the existing postal companies in Ukraine (Nova Posita, Deliveri, Autolux, Ukrposhta, etc.). It is worth noting that the cost of delivery in this way can significantly differ depending on the tariffs of transportation by postal companies.


If it is more convenient for you to pick up the purchased goods yourself, then you can use the self-delivery service. Note that not all sellers have storage facilities and sometimes do not give you the opportunity to pick up your goods yourself. We give you this opportunity absolutely free! You can safely pick up your goods, having previously agreed with the manager.

Delivery by road.

We can offer you a service for the delivery of goods on the road transport. Quite often the wagons going in your direction are not fully loaded, this makes it possible to additionally load them in a passing direction. What can prove to be cheaper and faster than the postal service.

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